Sponsorship Opportunities
ACPID 2020 will provide all sponsors with excellent opportunities to promote their products and services to more than 1,000 international participants. Sponsors will enjoy immense benefits from exhibitions, marketing activities and communication with participants during the congress.

For further inquiry, please contact the ACPID 2020 secretariat at info@acpid2020.org.
Other Sponsorship Items
  • Advertisement
*10% VAT Exclusive
Size Price Notes
One Page KRW 4,000,000 - Displayed in the Program Book or the Abstract Book
- Inner page, full color
1/2 Page KRW 2,000,000

As for the allocation of advertisement pages, priority shall be dependent on the total amount of your sponsorship contribution and the application date.

Application & Payment
Application for sponsorship must be made in writing with an Application Form (Appendix I). Please complete the application form and send it with a copy of your business registration to the secretariat (info@acpid2020.org) via email.
Contract & Confirmation

Sponsorship Application Deadline: November 29, 2019

Once an Application Form is received, a contract will be sent for you to sign along with an accompanying invoice. This contract should be signed and returned with a 30% deposit.

Sponsorship benefits shall be of no effect until the contract is completed and the deposit received.

Payment Information
We only accept Wire Transfer for the sponsorship payment and all payments must be made in Korean Won currency.
Terms of Payment

30% of the total amount upon receipt of the Sponsorship Agreement

30% of the total amount by March 31, 2020

40% of the total amount by July 31, 2020

* The terms of payment may be negotiated with the organizing committee upon request.
Bank Information
Bank Name Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited
Account Number 649-20-158-283
Branch Suji Seongbok Branch
Branch Address #201, LG Village 3cha Arcade, 126, Seongbuk2-ro, Suji-gu, Younin-si, Geyonggi-do
Beneficiary KSPID (The Korean Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases)
* All bank charges are the responsibility of the payer.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation or reduction of sponsorship items must be made in writing and signed, then sent to the ACPID 2020 secretariat (info@acpid2020.org) via email.
The organizers shall retain:

10% of the total agreed amount if the cancellation / modification is made before March 26, 2020, inclusive.

50% of the total agreed amount if the cancellation / modification is made between March 27, 2020 and May 26, 2020, inclusive.

100% of the total agreed amount if the cancellation/ modification is made after May 27, 2020.

In the case that the total agreed amount is not deposited by the final deadline, the Organizing Committee may terminate the contract and the deposit submitted upon application will not be refunded.
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